Prayers for my Wife.

Do you remember when…

I tickled you and ran away, but as I ran you caught my waistband and I was running in place, my stocking feet spinning like Wiley Coyote, not going anywhere?

We drove on the beach with my cruiser and stood alone except for each other staring out toward the gulf?

We were at the airport holding hands walking together to your departure gate, and you kept turning back to look at me and almost missed your flight?

Those nights as I held you in my arms and we read our prayers before sleeping? I loved seeing your hands hold the sheets of prayers, hearing your voice speaking to G0d. I have always valued your prayers.

Glenn Rose as you walked so far out across the river rocks?

I do…. and I will. All my life I will remember the good. The other things I’ve tossed aside as not worthy of a great love.

I love you.


Meeting You

I remember the first time I saw you. I remember your dress, the top you had on, the way you wore your hair. You are still the same brilliant and strong woman of G0d I came to love so many years ago.

Each year added a patina of grace and faith as we looked forward to more.

I love you.



Let grace through faith guide you when you walk alone in the darkness of night and the remembrances of G0d’s promises to us when we married.

Remember to keep relationships with others grounded in the L0rd and his word, remember to seek His face and obey his perfect will and you will be well.

I love you.


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