Far Country Forgiveness

There is a hidden argument in a member only marriage ministry group. Essentially it is this, G0d doesn’t forget our sins because He is ALL powerful and to forget means He isn’t omnipotent. Yet it is also true that an eternal ALL powerful G0d could decide He will NOT revisit, nor re-accuse, nor pull up from memory sins HE has wiped clean. He makes our sin as if they no longer exist (Isa 43:25; Heb 10:17). I am in awe of that because that is what He did FOR me when His Ruach HaKo’desh (Holy Spirit) helped me say, “I forgive you” to the woman who accidentally ran me down as I rode my motorcycle to work.

And by the way… the motorcycle I was on was one HE asked me to purchase. As I drove passed Legends Motorcycles I heard G0d say “buy a motorcycle” when I already had a motorcycle. He repeated the command with the same quiet intensity and, braking quickly, I turned into the cycle shop.

Several hours and two motorcycles later I conducted an online search for a motorcycle group that was also a ministry because I could think of no other reason to buy a motorcycle when I already had one. I literally had no other idea why G0d would tell me to buy that motorcycle.

G0d prepared me in advance of that day. I was there for that woman to tell her “I forgive you” as she knelt over me crying and to quote scripture to answer her plaintive, mournful cry, “Why did this happen?” She died one month later. It’s sobering to think I may have been G0d’s last effort to reach her, the last person to show her the power of G0d’s forgiveness and love.

So, don’t think that standing for your marriage is without reason, without a plan. Only G0d knows the plans He has for us, and if He decides to share that plan before the main event… you are doubly blessed.

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