Marriage and Love

Love is not something you experience like feelings that come and go, love is a commitment, a firmness of purpose, a decision you make. True love unites, true love binds, you are echad (welded soul to soul) with another person in sickness and health; until death do you part.  Love is an action word, love is a verb, love is a challenge that you demonstrate day by day.

Love is not a feeling precisely because feelings are ephemeral and as intransigent as the wind.  To define love as a feeling is to deny the reality of the commitment, the covenant relationship you promised to honor for life. The reality is that love is not only a decision, a firmness of purpose, but true love is a garden, maturing with time, needing constant care and watering. The responsibility to tend the garden is yours and your spouses through a lifelong commitment.

True Love and Faith

True love is like true faith in the Father, without works, it dies. True faith exists not because of feelings or emotions, but is a reality that exists unseen and unfeeling, it just is. The commitment to true faith and true love exists whether your feelings or emotions agree; the covenant of marriage means you must love this person you have committed to for life. In this way, being echad, you resolve to fulfill your purpose because you are as one before the L-rd.

Like the seasons we use to track the passage of time, true love also tracks over time. The difference is that true love does not change or waiver, just as true faith does not change or waiver. What changes there are come with physical age, and health, and in various other life circumstances, but the true love underlying the relationship remains, a firm resolve to love for life. True love is like the steel structure of a skyscraper, bearing the weight of the changing seasons of life.

Marriage and Prayer

An integrally important part of marriage is to pray for one another. The following prayer is only a template to help you understand the reality of your commitment to another person in love and in marriage. You may customize this prayer to suit your life’s purposes.

Blessed are You L0RD our G-d, King of the universe, who created all things for your glory and who created male and female in Your image and in Your likeness.  I pray that my commitment to true love for my husband/wife will weather the seasons of life’s changes. I willingly bind myself to my husband/wife to honor You L-rd, to bring glory to the Father of Light in whom there is no shadow of change nor darkness.

Let the glorious light of Maschiach be the witness to my true love commitment to my husband/wife for life. Grant me the supernatural ability to show true love to my husband/wife just as you demonstrated your commitment to obey the Father through your life, death and resurrection. I glorify you L-rd in my marriage as I glorify you in my life. Father I ask you in the name of Yeshua haMaschiach (Jesus Christ) to direct my feelings and emotions in support of my marriage, to guide my heart into your true love for my husband/wife.

All glory, honor and praise is yours oh L-rd. In You we are one, welded together body and soul for life. By faith and for your purposes our marriage will continually conform to the image of Your Son, whose blood was spilled to redeem us. By faith we will grow in true love and commitment one to the other for life. By faith we support and challenge one another to walk in Your ways, oh L-rd. By faith we shall remain echad so long as we both do breathe.

I make this commitment without reservation to support, defend, and honor my husband/wife before all others for life – in the name of your son, Yeshua haMaschiach, I pray. Amen.

Dr. Ramón Argila de Torres y Sandoval


Edited: June 28, 2020

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