Marriage No More? Part 1

It occurs to me that the focus of this website is too narrow. Marriage. Life and our relationships are more than just marriage. Singles have a relationship with G0d. Children have a relationship with G0d. Widows and widowers have a relationship with G0d. Did I leave anyone out? Thus expanding this site to include singles means letting ALL who come here and read, that marriage is G-d’s design for human beings. BUT having said that, not all of us have to be married.

While I will always value the topic of marriage, since G-d laid it on my heart, I may occasionally to expand these pages to deal with subjects related to our relationship with Abba Father, through the Spirit and in Yeshua haMaschiach both as if to singles, where it applies, and especially to those married.

My belief is the people prone to believe that G-d, the Holy Spirit, or a dream of a loved one (alive or dead) have fragile ego’s and a fragile psyche and will go to any length to stop the pain of sin, any length except obedience. In this case, the pain is G-d’s Spirit convicting them of sin. The same may be said of singles; they too may fall for this deceptive spirit and take actions not in accordance with the Word.

G0d’s promises are IF/THEN. IF you follow His ways, THEN He rewards you. IF you don’t follow His ways, tTHEN He allows things in your life that may hurt. Yet even this is His hand of discipline reaching out to you. My wife came home. I had nothing to do with it. I had to stop praying she would come home and had to pray for her safety, welfare, for blessings on her. I had to give up on restoration and give in to a Holy G0d!

This is for all who believe!


Dr. Ramón Argila de Torres y Sandoval

Edited: June 28, 2020


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